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  • General Help / Questions / Answers
    General discussion of and ... stuff.
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  • Bugs & Problems
    Something wrong with With your exports? Please tell us!
    116 discussions 553 commentsMost recent: Importing stalled by hughNovember 18
  • Feature Requests
    Is there something you think should or must do that it doesn't do already? Please let us know.
    103 discussions 486 commentsMost recent: Syntax highlighting? by hughOctober 16
  • Customizing Your CSS
    Unfortunately we cannot provide any consistent support for customizing your templates using CSS (that would be a full-time job), but ask here and perhaps someone, possibly other PressBooks users, will be along to answer. You might also spend some time here to learn about CSS:
    11 discussions 38 commentsMost recent: I don't know how to add notes by hughOctober 9

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